Accepted Papers

author Title Track
Anne Broadbent and Evelyn Wainewright Efficient Simulation for Quantum Message Authentication C
Avishek Adhikari, Kirill Morozov, Satoshi Obana,
Partha Sarathi Roy, Kouichi Sakurai and Rui Xu
 Efficient Threshold Secret Sharing Schemes Secure against Rushing Cheaters C
Bikash Kumar Dey, Sidharth Jaggi, Michael Langberg and Anand Sarwate  A bit of delay is sufficient and stochastic encoding is necessary to overcome online adversarial erasures W
Fuchun Lin, Reihaneh Safavi-Naini and Pengwei Wang Detection of Algebraic Manipulation over a Leaky Storage C
Gabriele Spini and Serge Fehr Cheater Detection in SPDZ Multiparty Computation C
Gisbert Janssen and Holger Boche  Distillation of secret key from a class of compound memoryless quantum sources W
Giulia Traverso, Denise Demirel and Johannes Buchmann Dynamic and Verifiable Hierarchical Secret Sharing C
Gorjan Alagic, Anne Broadbent, Bill Fefferman,
 Tommaso Gagliardoni, Christian Schaffner and Michael St. Jules
Computational Security of Quantum Encryption C
Hachiro Fujita  On the Secrecy Capacity of Wiretap Channels with Side Information at the Transmitter W
Hachiro Fujita  Writing a Secret Message on the Dirty Paper Known to an Adversary W
Kenji Yasunaga Error-Correcting Codes against Chosen-Codeword Attacks C
Koray Karabina and Angela Robinson Revisiting the False Acceptance Rate Attack on Biometric Visual Cryptographic Schemes C
Maciej Skórski A Better Chain Rule for HILL Pseudoentropy - Beyond Bounded Leakage C
Mehrdad Nojoumian and Douglas Stinson Dealer-Free Threshold Changeability in Secret Sharing Schemes W
Roberto De Prisco, Paolo D'Arco and Yvo Desmedt Private Visual Share-Homomorphic Computation and Randomness Reduction in Visual Cryptography C
Samuel Ranellucci, Alain Tapp and Rasmus Zacharias Efficient Generic Zero-knowledge Proofs from Commitments (Extended abstract) C
Shahab Asoodeh, Fady Alajaji and Tamas Linder Almost Perfect Privacy in Additive Gaussian Privacy Filters C
Vladimir Portela Parente and Jeroen van de Graaf.  A Practical Fuzzy Extractor for Continuous Features C
Yfke Dulek, Christian Schaffner and Florian Speelman Quantum homomorphic encryption for polynomial-sized circuits W
Yohei Watanabe, Goichiro Hanaoka and Junji Shikata Unconditionally Secure Revocable Storage: Tight Bounds, Optimal Construction, and Robustness C