Finding The Best Campus Housing

The joy of campus life is always determined by where a student lives. When you find a house that you like, there is no doubt that you will focus more on your studies, and the years will be successful. Just ask students who not lucky to get good hostels of other housing alternatives, and you will realize the importance of this. One of the problems that students face if finding where these good houses are. For instance, if you have just arrived in a new city to join campus, you will not even know where to start the search. However, with things such as online search and public listings, you can always find your way around. Even after doing that, you still need to know what to look for in the various houses that you will get. With osu off campus housing, things are quite different from what you would do when looking for another type of house. Think about these factors.


Owner or agent?

Inquire to know if the house you will be living in is being leased by the owner or an agent. Most homeowners prefer to dedicate the leasing process to agents. This is because agents know how to manage the premises better. However, this too has its down side. For instance, the fact that agents have joined the equation means that you will be paying more in rent than when you would deal directly with the owners. Owners also may have more flexibility because you can negotiate personalized terms.


Rent payment method

Rent payment is usually the main source of disputes between students and house management companies. Because of this, you should ask the management for clarification about the terms associated with this. How will you be paying? There are some that will ask you to pay directly to the bank while others will give you other options. It is important to have a written agreement when it comes to this. You may want to know if you can pay the rent monthly, quarterly, yearly, or by any other means that they allow. The best houses have technological advantages, and therefore, you may even be allowed to pay your rent online.


Maintenance and management services

Ask about the maintenance services that management offers. When you need these services, where will you go to? How do you apply for them? Answers to these questions will give you a clear understanding of what to expect when you finally move in. You also may want to understand how long they take to show up to your house to repair something when you need it. If you look around, you will notice that different types of houses have different types of management styles. This is the time when you should make the choices that will save you from too many problems in future.


When looking for student housing, the easiest way of finding the best is by asking those students that have been there for sometimes. Let them tell about the houses that they live in, and how the experience is like.…

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Why you should buy a wine cooler

Wine is a favorite drink which can be traced back to the old days. Reading the bible or history books, you can discover the use of wine on several occasions. It was mostly used as a bonding drink in ancient functions. People would dine and drink wine during weddings, and other rites of passage. It was also used during holy functions. Some viewed its use as a representation of someone’s societal status because kings and high priests could not miss it in their dinner tables. This drink is also being used in modern days. New things have come up pertaining the use of wine. One example is its storage methods.

Gone are the days people would store wine in large drums, we now have fridges or coolers where you can preserve it. One good example is the003 thermoelectric wine cooler which can keep your drink in a perfect condition. It is important to store wine to prevent it from going bad or let it age finely. Many say wine that has been stored for an extended period is the best because of how good it tastes. Storing it in specific conditions will determine how it ages. Lower temperatures mean it will take a short period to mature. Wine coolers are the best for modern storage. Here is why you should buy one.



A wine cooler is one affordable device that can help keep your drink in good condition for a more extended period. It is cheaper compared to other storage facilities like cellars and refrigerators. Their cost of production is less because it is built explicitly for wine storage. Size matters when it comes to pricing, this device is small compared to refrigerators, and that is why it is sold for less.


Low maintenance cost

It is designed in a manner that will require less maintenance. The wine cooler uses a simple mechanism to function and does not require expensive parts. The items in it are cheaper and will require less money if there is any replacement needed.  You should buy this wine storing facility if you do not want to spend more on repairs.


Environmental friendly

002We are living in a time where most nations are encouraging people to adopt environmentally friendly practices. This is with the aim of saving the human race from the effects brought about by the destruction of the environment.  The thermoelectric cooler is preferred because of its energy-saving capability. Wine coolers do not release dangerous emissions.…

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The importance of having a water heater at home

Furnishing your home cannot be easy especially when you are spoilt for choice on what to buy and what to leave behind. There are several things you can buy for personal use and to give your home the beauty it requires. You should put a few things into consideration before purchasing some items for your house. Look at the purpose whatever you want will serve. Will it be of help to you or it will just sit idle in that corner of your house. Consider your budget too before going shopping. Some important things you can buy for your living room fall under electronics. One good example is the water heater.

This gadget is designed to warm water to warm water to specific temperatures for domestic use. One brand of water002 boiler you can find online or in some of your stores is nefit. It is easy to use and comes with its user manual. There are several things you should consider before buying this device. The price is apparently crucial because you want something that fits your budget. Look into the quality by checking its functionality. Power intake is also essential because you do not want to buy something that will make your electricity bill double up. With that said, there are several reasons why you should own this device. Here is why you should buy a water heater for your home.


Water treatment

At times, the water we consume at home might be contaminated. This is because it goes through different steps before getting to our taps. Water providers may guarantee you treated water, but you should not take chances. Heating water helps kill all the germs present. You should make sure you have a water boiler at home to stay safe.


Saves time

There are instances you may need water for some domestic uses. One may want to drink warm water or make some beverage for consumption. Having this machine will save you the time you would have taken in boiling water on your cooker. All you have to do is set the right heating temperatures on your device and wait for a few minutes to have your warm water ready.



The demand for warm or hot water at home may be high. You may want to use warm water for in the kitchen while on the other hand one of your folks may want to use it in the bathroom. With this device, all this is possible because it can serve both of you at once. The fuel you would have wasted in boiling using your cooker is saved.…

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Heating repair services – when?

A heater is an invaluable investment in any home during cold weather. Heaters make the environment bearable during cold winters, and it is almost impossible to live without these machines. It is therefore understandable to know why most homeowners are overly troubled when their heater breaks down. Ideally, the best thing one can do is to enlist the services of a heating repair service provider.

When should you hire a professional heating repair expert?

When the heater consumes lots of energy


Ideally, most machines have a standard or predictable power consumption rate. As such, the moment you realize any anomalies in the consumption, be sure that something is not okay. Calling a professional heating repair expert will help you understand or get to the cause of the problem before it becomes too costly. With experience, you can be sure of timely repair before your electric bills start skyrocketing.

When the machine breaks down

When the heating machine fails abruptly, the best course of action is to hire a heating repair expert. The good thing about professional is that you can always call them even during odd hours. With professionals, you are assured of experience and use of appropriate tools in restoring the machine to proper working order. If there is nothing that can be done, you will also be advised accordingly on whether to replace the entire unit.

When its time for routine maintenance

It is always advisable to have the heating machine inspected before winter sets it. The heating system remains unused for an extended period during the summers. This serves to detect any anomalies in the unit and unexpected breakdowns when the machine is used. Heating maintenance is done to replace defective parts and other operational defects to ensure the machine is operating at its best.

Benefits of timely repair

aDwadfdqWsDTimely maintenance and repair of heating systems serve to save time, money, and effort. Repair ensures that the heating system performs at its best. It also lengthens the appliance’s life considering that problems are addressed as soon as they are noticed. You also get to avoid expensive repairs or part replacements when the machine is repaired immediately.

When looking for a heating repair service provider, your main objective should be value for money. Besides looking at their service packages, it is advisable to look at online reviews to see what other people have to say about their services before making a choice.…

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Features and benefits of cordless drills

For constructors and those who maybe are opting to conduct a complete house changeover that would inevitably require the use of repetitive screwing and nailing, a cordless drill is quite an essential tool for this kind of job. Forget the old-fashioned corded drills that required a wired power connection to the mains, where you had to carry an extension or a generator just to drill something small. A cordless drill is stress-free in operation. It provides convenience and freedom of movement that enables you to work faster and comfortably. It is a tool that has attracted more preference because most constructions are done in developing places that face electricity mishaps and others that are inaccessible.

The early design of this device has seen significant improvements on its features that not only make work easier, but002 also more appealing and fun. Although these drills are amply accessible, they are hard to get at favorable prices. Best Cordless Drills Pros is one amazing website that deals with distribution, guide on the usage of the drills and reviews of products to help you decide on which to go fo. All this being said, let’s focus on the attractive features and benefits that they come with.


LED-Lighting to provide ease of drilling

Enhancing their flexibility from what I mentioned above, modern cordless drills are incorporated with a LED light that provides ease of sight when drilling in dark places and rooms. This is quite a well-thought-out additional feature of this device because most drilling is done inside the house and houses in the midst of construction aren’t installed with lights and electricity which makes it hard for drilling, but with this feature, everything is made easy and fun.


Installed with high torque gears

To work effectively, gears for turning the motor of the drill should be robust and with a high torque. Torque is the twisting power of a device with less inserted effort. This heightened torque makes the devices an ideal alternative for drilling and an essential tool for construction.


Long-life batteries


003Cordless drills are now installed with lithium-ion batteries known to stay for long after charging. These battery types have been used in most devices including laptops and smartphones and have always displayed remarkable results shown by their long-time battery power retention. Being that the cordless drill only needs power for just adjusting the drill, then the batteries usually stay long and this reduces the stress of recurrent charging that risks slowing down the job.

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ICITS 2016

9th International Conference on Information Theoretic Security

9-12 August 2016, Tacoma, Washington, USA.

This is the ninth in a series of conferences that aims to bring together the leading researchers in the areas of information theory, quantum information theory, and cryptography. ICITS covers all aspects of information- theoretic security, from relevant mathematical tools to theoretical modeling to implementation. ICITS is an event in cooperation with The International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR). Papers on all technical aspects of these topics are solicited for submission. Areas of interest include, but are not restricted to:

Physical layer security

Codes, lattices & cryptography

Randomness extraction

Wiretap channels

Information-theoretic reductions

Quantum information theory

Key and message rates

Physical models & assumptions

Adversarial channel models

Implementation challenges

Multiparty computations

Authentication codes

Cryptography from noisy channels

Bounded-storage models

Quantum cryptography

Nonlocality and nonsignaling

Secret sharing

Network coding security

Information-theoretic tools in computational settings

Biometric security
Important Dates

Conference track submission deadline: 25th of January, 2016

Workshop track submission deadline: 25th of January, 2016

Decision notification: 2nd of May, 2016

Conference: 9-12 of August, 2016

Note: ICITS 2016 takes place right before Crypto 2016

Two Tracks: Conference and Workshop


As the goal of ICITS is to bring together researchers on all aspects of information-theoretic security, it consists of two tracks with different types of contributed presentations:

Conference Track (with proceedings): Submissions to this track must be original papers that have not previously appeared in published form. Accepted papers will be presented at the conference and will appear in the conference proceedings. The proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag in its Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series.

Workshop Track (no proceedings): To encourage presentation of work from a variety of fields (especially those where conference publication is unusual or makes journal publication difficult), the committee also solicits “workshop track” papers. Accepted papers will be presented orally at the conference but will not appear in the proceedings. Submissions to this track that have previously appeared (or are currently submitted elsewhere) are acceptable, as long as they first appeared after January 1, 2016. Papers that describe work in progress are also welcome. We note that the same standards of quality will apply to conference and workshop papers.

Conference Organization

Anderson C A Nascimento and Paulo Barreto (University of Washington , Tacoma)…

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