toilet and sink in bathroom

Choosing a toilet and basin for your cloakroom

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There are many options to choose from when looking for toilets and basins for your bathroom. You need to consider a variety of options to get the most suitable ones for your bathroom. Below is a guide to help you make the best choices.


toilet bowl

The four common toilet designs are wall hung, close-coupled, back-to-wall, and corner toilets. The back-to-wall and wall hung are great choices if saving on space is a priority. This is because the cistern is concealed in a specially designed WC unit, or in the wall. Close-coupled toilets have the advantage of being easier to install while corner toilets appear more stylish and work for cloakrooms that have an awkward shape. You will have to put the shape and size or your bathroom as well as your preferences into consideration to find the most suitable toilet.

Cloakroom basin

You should choose a cloakroom basin that is both stylish and functional, which makes the most of the space. Size of the basin also matters a lot. The basin size that you choose should be based on the size of your cloakroom. The options for the design are numerous, ranging from traditional designs to the modern designs. The main options include wall-hung basins, corner basins, and countertop basins. You can also consider the mounting of the basin. A wall-hung basin will make the best option for a cloakroom that is compact. It can be fitted with a bottle trap or semi pedestal, both of which are stylish. The corner basin can also work for a compact room, as the triangular shape will enable you to use the corner space, which would otherwise be wasted. The countertop design is for those who want a spa-style look.

Toilet and sink combo

You can also buy a combined toilet and sink unit, which is a great option for a new cloakroom. There are practical ones which are a good solution for space problems. Most designs will hide the pipework and the cistern from view, which makes them look quite stylish. Another main benefit of a combined toilet and sink unit is that it is easy to install. A consideration to make when choosing the unit, apart from style, is the finishing. Among the most popular options for the finishing are white gloss, stone grey, and oak.