Clever Ideas for Garage Improvement

Home Improvement

What we normally have in mind when we think of our garage is that it is the place for the automobile and bikes only. But with creativity and efficient effort, we can turn the garage for things we have never thought before.

Storage space

StorageThe easiest way to use up the remaining space in the garage is to use it as storage. If you have a large garage, you can freely put medium-sized cabinets or a big wall closet. You can store your gardening and mechanic tools there.

For a smaller garage, use smart tactics of hooks and vertical shelf installation. The big tools, such as shovels, garden forks, and saws can hang on the wall. If you have a big family, and each of your family members has a bike, you can opt for a vertical bike shelf.

Building floor storage in the garage is also a smart way to maximize the use of garage space. You can even store family mementos and other memorabilia in your garage.

Working space

Work-spaceWhen you are thinking of building a new room as your office, has it crossed your mind that you can utilize your garage, instead? Foldable and transforming furniture is your best option to realize your in-house working space. It will save you from bulging cost of house renovation.

But you need to make sure that that your garage has a proper entry door, and not easily visible or accessible from the outside. Use a durable fire rated access door with an anti-theft alarm installed so that you do not need to worry about unforeseen threats. Also, ensure that you adequate ventilation in the garage because moisture and dust can ruin your documents.

Exercise room

Garage ExerciseAnother idea for your garage is to use it as your exercise room. Think carefully what gym machines fit in the garage. One treadmill and one weight bench can be enough to make you sweat every day.
Or, if it turns out that gym machines cannot fit in your garage, you can opt for exercise mattress instead. There are bodyweight exercise programs that can make you burn calories as much as if you using gym machines.

Studio room

GuitarIf you are into music, the spare space at your garage can turn into your practice room. But you must make the garage soundproof first. Partner up with a house improvement service who specializes in soundproofing. It is better to have an expensive professional to work on the project, instead of a fail Do-It-Yourself attempt. Even the cheapest effort of soundproofing costs money and takes time, so do not waste it for experimenting.