Top plumbing tips from experts


Plumbing issues at homes are quite common. Usually, they occur when least expected. In this post, you will get some top tips from expert plumbers which you can use to resolve a broad range of plumbing issues even by yourself. The following are some tips from expert plumbers.

Plumbing expert tips

Plumbing product

tg2wedchwed782j92k22The first thing to try out is a live enzyme product known as Bio-Clean. This is quite useful for upkeep of the sewer lines. In this way, the grease or other byproducts can keep your sewer lines from being clogged. Although the product is quite expensive, it is likely to save you the hassle down the road.

Remove hoses

You can remove hoses from faucets. Ensure you do this before faucets freeze during the cold season.

Water main

It is necessary to check the sewer lines to look for areas where water main closes. If you are staying in an apartment, there is a need to check whether each unit shuts off. Other than this, you need to check whether the building ought to be turned off or not. This is necessary in case there is a leak.


You need to check whether stops under every sink and the toilet can be turned without issues. In this way, you can easily close them in case there is a problem with your plumbing system.

New home

Before you purchase a new home, you need to have its plumbing system inspected. Ensure the sewer lines do not have any root problems or setting.

Coffee grounds or starch products

It is not advisable to put a lot of coffee grounds or starch product in the garbage disposal. In fact, the waste can clog the drainage system. On the other hand, coffee grounds attract grease which accumulates over time. Small quantities of such things will not cause problems. However, peeling a lot of potatoes into your drainage system is likely to cause a lot of problems.t23gvefv6hedf7j2k22

Water lines

Over time, galvanized water lines are likely to corrode or rust. It is advisable to have copper lines instead. Alternatively, PEX or plastic pipes are cheaper, but not durable. Moreover, they will not carry out the job as required.

Cheap fixtures

As you probably know, cheap fixtures do not last long. Quality plumbing products are quite expensive just like finding a reputable plumber. Thus, you should avoid purchasing low-quality plumbing items.